Fire Watch Service

Looking For A Fire Watch Service?

A fire watch service is a safety measure designed to ensure your premises are properly protected from the threat of fire. Fire watch services are used when there is an increased risk of fire on your site – due to, for example, alarm systems and sprinklers being deactivated for longer than four hours, “hot work” (such as welding) taking place and during hazardous demolitions.

A “fire watch” is a person who is solely responsible for monitoring fire risks, looking out for fire and ensuring fire safety best practice is adhered to throughout your premises. Our experienced, qualified fire watch staff will become intimately familiar with your buildings or premises, will eliminate fire risks and will ensure complete fire safety compliance.


When Is A Fire Watch Required?

In some situations, enlisting fire watch services is a requirement for fire safety compliance. states that a fire watch is necessary when: a building’s fire alarm system or sprinkler system will be out of service for more than four hours; when “hot work” is taking place within a premises; during some building demolitions; when it is an essential safety measure in a place of assembly or congregation due to the number of persons, nature of performance, exhibition, display, content or activity.

You may also wish to procure fire watch services for your own peace of mind. If you believe that the risk of fire significantly threatens your people, property and assets, utilizing professional fire watch services will provide additional assurance that your business is protected.

What To Expect From 1Call Security?

Our professional fire watch services will equip your business with one or multiple dedicated fire watch officers. These members of staff will focus exclusively on managing the risk of fire in your premises. Our fire watch officers are properly trained, highly experienced and possess the necessary expertise to properly carry out fire watch work.

We are also able to provide professional fire wardens. This is a person responsible for supporting the ongoing management of fire safety and contributing to the safety of people in the event of a fire evacuation. Unlike a dedicated fire watch officer, the role of a fire warden can be carried out as an addition to an individual’s day-to-day activities. We are able to provide fully qualified security officers able to act in a fire warden capacity.

Security Benefits

“US-Wide Services”

1Call Security is a national company with a local presence. This means we are able to provide comprehensive fire watch services to businesses throughout the US.

“Fully Qualified”

When you choose 1Call Security for fire watch services, your business will benefit from the addition of a fully qualified, dedicated fire watch professional.

“Exceptional Fire Safety”

If your business faces an increased risk of fire, our fire watch services will minimize risk, ensure fire safety compliance and protect your assets.

“Any Industry”

We are able to provide fire watch services to businesses operating within any industry. This includes apartment blocks, industrial sites, warehouses, commercial properties and vacant buildings.

“Waking Watch”

If individuals regularly sleep in your premises, our fire watch officers will undertake “waking watch” duties to ensure everyone is woken up in the event of a fire.

“24/7 Services”

We are able to provide fire watch services, fire wardens and fire trained security officers to support your business 24/7.

1Call Security is a national security company which delivers professional security and safety solutions to businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

Our staff a fully qualified, properly vetted and highly experienced. By listening your specific needs, we will gain a thorough understanding of your unique requirements and create a bespoke solution to match.